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Juicy, ripe, sweet watermelons are available in the city of Athens for wholesale purchase through the website! Watermelon seeds price kg. Welcome! For you to have watermelons different varieties, differing in taste, color and size. To request a purchase of any kind is possible right online. The quantity of goods to one buyer is not restricted. The watermelons go on sale directly from the manufacturer, after passing through all the security checks and the suitability for human consumption. No chemicals or nitrates. This is evidenced by the quality certificates. Wholesale in the city of Athens always have a special benefit for the buyer. Price for 1 kilogram of product will surprise you. Watermelon price per 1 kg. Don't postpone purchase for later! Hurry up to buy watermelon and save your budget! Also any buyer can take the goods with a good discount, if you fulfill some simple conditions of sale.

Rules for the selection of watermelon

Juicy, sugar, refreshing melon pulp culture of the Cucurbitaceae family have conquered many of the people in the city of Athens. The taste of watermelon is not comparable with any other kind of berries. Yes, you made a mistake in reading. Watermelon is considered a berry. The seeds of watermelon wholesale. Very useful and extremely tasty. Varieties of this wonderful plant are striking in their variety. Scientists are constantly experimenting with this culture and get new. They differ from each other by color of skin and pulp, shape, size, number of seeds and, of course, taste. There are more and less sweet varieties. So how not to make the wrong choice and take the most delicious watermelon? After all, look at Athens entire product from the inside and try it before purchasing there is no way. Where to buy watermelon seeds. The first thing you should pay attention when choosing ? the outward signs of this. The ideal form of the watermelon is spherical and slightly elongated. The average weight of approximately 7.5 - 13 kilograms. Link in their profiles

Do not think that the large size of the fruit will be more sweet. Watermelons, like other plants, absorb from the soil not only nutrients. So the risk of having large amounts of harmful nitrates present in greater extent in excessively large fruit. And too little watermelons will delight you with its taste. Than contrasting stripes on the skin, the better. It was under such bright fur is often stored the sweet, red flesh. Buy watermelon seeds in bulk. Look at the place which the fruit was joined to the stem, the so-called "tail". Green and grassy, the option should be alerted. This is a sign that the berry was plucked unripe for better transportation. But dry, brown ponytail says that the watermelon was harvested at its peak ripeness. And the last sign of good fruit ? the sound of it. Ripe and sweet watermelon in the city of Athens to be voiced, almost pop in your hands with a strong grip or tapped. Using these guidelines, you will surely be able to make the right choice!

Useful properties of watermelon

The flesh of the watermelon is not only delicious, but also useful. It is rich in pectin, fiber, vitamins A, C, PP and group B. Prized watermelon and fruits for the folic acid and some minerals. For example, the use of watermelon provides the body with potassium, manganese, Nickel, iron and magnesium. Cage for watermelons to buy. And the watermelon seed oil is rich in vitamin D. with this composition of watermelon is a good thirst quencher helps to cleanse the bowel and rid your body of harmful substances. Beneficial effects of eating berries on the kidneys.

The diuretic effect of the fruit will help to cope with swelling, associated with a large accumulation of fluid in the body. The presence of well-digestible sugars and liquids makes watermelon a useful product in the liver problems. Early varieties of watermelon. Despite its sweetness, it is even useful in diabetes and can reduce blood sugar levels when consumed in the right dosage. The pulp and peel of this fruit are used extensively in Athens in folk medicine for making infusions, lotions and other medicines. This way

  1. Fill in the required details in the application
  2. Fill in the information about the variety of watermelon and number
  3. Perform the confirmation of purchase on the phone with the Manager
  4. Receive the goods and do the payment in any convenient way proposed on the website

How to buy a watermelon?

You can perform bulk purchase watermelon in the city of Athens with the maximum benefit. For this you need to fill in an online application form with actual data. Specifically, please provide information by which you can be contacted. You need to select the variety of watermelon and the required quantity. Varieties of watermelon photo description. According to the information you have entered the automatic system of calculation of cost perform their job of showing you the final amount after discount. Your phone number will receive an inbound call from the Manager for the sale of watermelons in the city Athens, in conversation with whom you will need to confirm your request for purchase. Take the goods by yourself after payment or take advantage of convenient delivery to the right place. A good choice! Here


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