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Hello, dear visitors of the site. Here it is convenient-in two clicks you can order freight services in the city of Novosibirsk on favorable terms online. Road transport of goods. Sending products in small batches in the same wagon, employers can significantly reduce their transportation costs. For you there are attractive offers in the form of participation in promotions and additional discounts. Every year automobile transportations of freights gain momentum. This is due to the fact that the economy is growing rapidly and the transportation of goods is becoming the most popular. Transportation find a car. The best solution for the transport of goods in Novosibirsk is a 20 ton truck that combines efficiency and convenience. Despite its impressive size, it has excellent maneuverability and speed.

To select a transport

Euro wagon. It is an ideal option for delivery of large consignments of goods at small and medium distances. Due to the fact that the truck has a sufficiently large size it is not used in the city of Novosibirsk. Most often it occurs on the outskirts of large settlements. Cargo transportation the Gazelle. Convenience from the use of trucks with Euro awning is universal. It can be loaded from either side or even from above. This allows you to easily fill the car on objects where small space and difficult movement. In addition, such a truck meets all European standards. Therefore, the car can be used for international cargo transportation. Isothermal truck 20 tons. It is used to send goods that do not require strict temperature control. Within 10-20 hours, the car retains the temperature at which the loading was carried out: from minus 9 to plus 20 C. the Cargo compartment is made of foam, which is securely covered with tin. There is also a special side door. Due to this, unloading of goods becomes much easier. Refrigerator trucks 20 tons (refrigerators). Are considered to be the most popular for the transport of perishable goods that require strict adherence to temperature conditions. Great for carrying out the crossing of goods from Novosibirsk over long distances. Avito transportation. In the van there is a multi-compartment refrigerator with independent compartments. This allows to transport products of various categories at the same time, maintaining the required temperature. Photo

Characteristics of the wagon

The main sizes: wagon – 82?, carrying capacity-up to 20 tons, length-13,6 m, width-2,46 m, container height-2,45, platform clearance height-1,5 m, advantages, versatility. Freight transportation. Depending on the type and characteristics of the products, the most suitable type of vehicle is selected in the city of Novosibirsk. This includes liquid, solid, bulk cargo. For their transportation it is enough to correctly select containers that perfectly cope with this task. Operational reliability. Before send the goods, the sender uses the seals are the keys to effectively protect against unauthorized interference. Their installation means that the contents of the truck are sealed and under customs control. Convenience. With the help of truck 20 tons, road freight is delivered according to the scheme from point to point, without additional loading and unloading operations. Saving. In trucks it is possible to take freight in the combined state. Website freight. If you order a truck in the town of Novosibirsk, the client has the opportunity to choose the appropriate route of delivery. Here he can be confident in the timely execution of works. After all, the car does not depend on schedules. Author

  1. Send online application
  2. You are called back by the carrier
  3. All details are specified
  4. Payment is made
  5. Get the transport

How to order a truck of 20 tons?

To place an order for 20 tons of trucks, you need to send an online application in Novosibirsk. The provision of transportation services. After entering the desired parameters, you need to carefully fill in the form and specify your contacts. After that, the individual discount will be calculated automatically and the full cost of services will be displayed. Freight transportation. After a while you will be contacted by a specialist in Novosibirsk to confirm the order and clarify the details. The truck 20 tons — is the best option! (Link)


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Truck 20 tons