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Welcome to the website of the sale of salt lick in the city of Moscow! Here you can see the price and buy the right products. Salt for wild animals. You have the option to book online salt lick for animals at a low price. There are fresh favorable conditions for wholesale buyers, there is installment payment and discount. Every hunter wants to know where to buy salt lick. Lick for goats. Shipping salt lick in Moscow is anywhere in the area convenient for you. Have a nice shopping!

Lick for animals

Many livestock in the city of Moscow for the normalization of the digestive and cardiovascular systems of the cattle used in feeding salt lick. How to make a salt lick. As the loose salt trampled on by animals, and the use of salt lick, a decrease in the consumption of salt is approximately two times. Penicillin g sodium for animals.

Your benefit is obvious! How to apply? Salt for animals. Lick need to put in a bird feeder or hang. The animal itself consumes the required amount of salt. Unforgettable to ensure permanent water access for animals. Lick for horses. Salt-lick in Moscow recommended for growing horses, pigs, goats, sheep and deer.

  1. Activates the metabolism
  2. Ensures the prevention of morbidity of calves
  3. Increases the weight of offspring at birth
  4. Profilaktirujut postpartum gynecological diseases
  5. Increases the efficiency and safety of the animals

How to buy lick it?

In order to buy salt lick wholesale you need in the city of Moscow to apply online. Salt lick price. Please specify the required number of tons to email your contact details to carefully fill in all the fields. Your discount on the purchased products depends on the volume of supply and possible further mutually beneficial cooperation. How to do the lick for horses. Experienced sales specialist salt licks wholesale in Moscow will call you on the phone to confirm the order. Here they are


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